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Top 7 Places to Visit in Newport

There are an awful lot of places that are called Newport. Some deservingly and others not so deservingly. But, before you get confused, there is none that matches the demeanour and achievements of this little city. It is the only one that has been able to host the Ryder Cup and also hosted a NATO Summit. It also happens to be a pretty cool place for the adventurous eye that is looking for a good time. As the leading drainage company in Newport, read our guide for the best places to visit.

The Amazon World Zoo Park

Featuring over 200 different species of birds and other types of wildlife like the sloth, crocodiles, penguins, toucans, armadillos and others, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to drop by this all weather, family inclusive zoo. Other than getting close and personal with the animals, you also get to know about other lesser known species of South America as well as the history of the majestic Rain Forest.

The Robin Hill Country Adventure Park

This happens to be one of the biggest countryside attractions and offers something for everyone. Here, you will get the island’s biggest riders, the alpine toboggan run and for the children, there are plenty of play features and areas where they can free run. They also have some sporting grounds, areas where you can have picnics and also fish and duck feeding at the ponds.

Butterfly and Fountain World

These gracious insects do not receive the attention that their beauty demands. Not only suitable for the lovers of butterflies, it is a great place where both children and adults get to see hundreds of different species of butterflies flying around in their natural environment. While here, you can also study the developmental stages of the butterfly, enjoy the synchronized jumping jets of water and if you would like, there are also other water features that allow you to get wet if you want to.

Monkey Haven

The closest relatives to mankind in the animal world are always an interesting and very fun topic. At the Monkey Haven, you will get to see a wide range of primates, owls and other birds of prey that need some care and attention. There are great programs on a daily basis which involve feedings to watch and even reptile encounters. It is not only fun to be here but also educative and you also get a chance to see animals get another try at life.

The Arreton Craft Barns

Lovers of art will without a doubt will fall in love with this huge range of craft shops. While here you get a chance to see a wide range of arts and crafts and even more important, you might get a chance to see the craftsmen get a go at their craft whether using modern or the more traditional techniques. Glass making, leather works, ceramics, wood turning and even making of sweets are just but a few of the activities that you can get to see.

Isle of Wight Ghost Experience

Truth be told, to most people, this will be the first time to have such an experience. Lasting for about one and a half hours, these guided ghost tours take you through the historical grisly local tales, actors adorned in full costumes that act out the ghost stories and offer an all-around informative and educational tour. However, you have to have the stomach for it.

The Arreton Down Wildlife Reserves

The reserve is not all about animals. Even though it has its fair share of animals that include the Red squirrels, and butterflies, the reserve is also home to a wide variety of wildflowers with up to 30 different species in one square meter.

Newport offers comprehensive and entertaining, and family inclusive fun. It is a great place where normal things are done in an extra-ordinary manner and definitely a place that you will love to be.

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