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5 Main Causes for Blocked Toilets and Sinks

Drain Unblocking is a common nuisance in every household. The sad part is, as much as you might dislike them, there is a fair chance that you are the reason that they keep happening. With the best disposal and drainage maintenance habits, your home can survive clog free for a very long time. But most homeowners will tell you that they constantly have drainages that have been blocked. If you find yourself in the same bracket, chances are, the blockages are as a result of any of these five reasons that are largely to blame.

  1. Grease and fat

Grease and fat feature as one of the most common causes of blocked drains largely because of how often they are used in each household. The saddest part is, this is one of the most preventable causes of blocked drains. Characteristically, fatty substances are very sticky and when washed down the sink, they attach to the sides of the pipes and gradually build up until they have enough gunk to block the drainage. All you have to do to avoid blockage by grease or fat is be watchful of what you drain down the sink hole.

  1. Hair

Another common aspect of any household also happens to be another primary culprit in blocked drains – hair. It looks deceptively delicate to cause any major blockage but as you already know, looks can be defective. Sufficient build-up of strands of hair can stop the water from passing through altogether. Even though it might take time for the right amount of build-up, once it gets there, it can have devastating effects.

Just to prove what a nuisance hair can be, there are products that are available in the market that have been built just to keep the strands of hair from going down the drain. However, even with such tools, the best method of avoiding blockage by hair is to regularly check your pipes for accumulation especially around the plughole.

  1. Foreign objects

This refers to a wide range of objects both big and small. Some may not even be able to cause a blockage initially but with accumulation they can then become very dangerous. They can also include pieces of stuffed animals or small toys left in the wrong places. The foreign objects also include soaps, sanitary items and even nappies. You should be very careful of what goes down the drain and try to remove it as soon as it goes down.

  1. Wrong installation

Sometimes, the biggest mistakes and causes of blockage are the ones that are made by ‘experts’. The people you trust to install the drainage system in the first place. If the pipes are not matched properly, or are detached, they can cause some major problems. The only way you can avoid this is by hiring trusted professionals that offer sufficient warranties for their work.

  1. Trees and leaves

You might not expect to see this in your in-house drainage but elsewhere, trees, twigs and leaves cause major havoc. They are especially troublesome after a heavy downpour. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done for this case. However, there are preventative measures like keeping your drains clean especially when you’re expecting a lot of downpour.

Understanding the most common problems with regards to drainage will allow you to know what you need to do to make sure that you reduce chances of blocking your own drain. As you might have noticed, most of these problems can easily be caused by not paying enough attention to your drainage.

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